Robertson Pipes 

Handcrafted Tobacco Pipes in the Mountains of Asheville, NC

Available $200

Robertson Pipe #3, 2023.  A classic Cutty pipe, handmade with briar wood, sandblasted and stained black with natural wood touches and a brown ebonite stem.  This pipe has a convenient stand accent, so you have the convenience of finishing your bowl anytime!

Available $220

Robertson Pipe #4 2023. A natural blasted billiard shape with a modern resin shank cap and hand cut ebonite stem.

Available $220

Robertson Pipe #6 2023. This tall natural plateau topped Dublin with fantastic ring grain is one of my absolute favorite pipes I’ve made so far. I think the contrast blast finish paired with the beautiful green Cumberland stem matches perfectly.

Available $250

Robertson Pipes #7, 2023. A finished plateau top Dublin with an incredible ring grain blast. A hand cut modern resin stem accented with an ivorite ring


Robertson Pipes #10, 2023. The first blowfish pipe made available to the public.  The sweeping flame grain that works its way from underneath and around the front of the pipe is truly breathtaking. It comes with a hand cut purple swirl ebonite stem.


Robertson Pipe #2, 2023.  A long-shanked contrast blasted Dublin with a beautiful hand cut blue ebonite stem and ivorite ring.


Robertson Pipe #8. This cobra/egg shape is one of the pipes I hand shaped and then hand drilled under the watchful eye of David S. Huber. The blast came out very well with Birdseye all along the bottom of the pipe while the rings wrap around to the top. This pipe also has a hand cut ebonite stem with some beautiful green swirls


Robertson Pipe #9 2023. Contrast blast tomato with amazing ring grain and bocote wood accent on the stem. This lovely piece would be a great addition to your collection! 


     This pipe is what began Reid's pursuit of making tobacco pipes of the highest quality possible and was made in David S. Huber's workshop under his knowledge and guidance.         



Sandblasted, freehand doublin with military mount. 

About Robertson Pipes

Reid, the founder of Robertson Pipes, was just two years old when he first smelled the intoxicating aroma of a tobacco pipe, while at Disney World in Florida. That very distant memory, along with his grandfather puffing on a pipe throughout his childhood, is what inspired him to pick up pipe smoking at 18 years old and become a collector of tobacco pipes in his adulthood.  


Starting in 2021 in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina he set out to make his first pipe. With only forums and videos to guide him his first pipe was, not surprisingly, not very good.  He knew he would need a true pipe artisan to teach him what he needed to know in order to make truly high quality pipes.  After over a year of trial and error, his pipes became good enough for him to get the chance to study with the great American pipe carver David S. Huber, in the fall of 2022. Thanks to David, the support of his wife, and many others, Reid's work has evolved to making truly high quality pipes.

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